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Music. Passion as a Business? Part 2

Here's my second article. With this, I think I'm trying to write a series or something? Going with the flow I guess. Part 1 can be found in the blog as well.

What I have come to understand now is that technology can empower. I know a composer who has been at his craft for about 5 decades now. He knows to read music, write music, notate for every instrument of the orchestra and so much more. I also know a student of mine, who uses FL studio to create beats. He has no prior training in music, no degree. Just curiosity. He is in pursuit of the coolness factor associated with electronic music. Did I forget to mention which one has a family to support?

You see, both of them get projects. Both of them, in today's world, can achieve as much as each other. What was the point of all that education of my composer friend? There is a fine line between creativity and the knowledge of creating. My student was born into a different world compared to my composer friend. He is creating for the current world, the current audience. My composer friend seems to have given up entirely. He's conducting small ensembles here and there. A few charity events where his name is called out at the end of the show.

Here's what my conclusion is. The process of creativity is ever-changing. The consumption of an audience cannot be predicted. But, I figured, the technical aspect of music is very much alive and lucrative. Not just for survival, but really lucrative.

The other sectors in the music industry? Read-on.

Post-Production in surround sound? My friend's studio only seems to be getting bigger and the projects, multifold. My Mix engineers, the work has spiked they say, so they charge a little lesser. My mastering engineers, however, have become mix engineers themselves. The reason? Mastering can and will be done by an AI. My live sound engineers have an amazing life. My studio/show rental friends have an explosion in business. Music. Passion as a business, the smarter way I call it. Looks like a plan is in place for the future. But this plan is business-oriented. Being learned in music is still more satisfying to me than downloading a beat making software. But, I love all forms of learning. It's weird really. So do make sure what you are doing to support yourself, has a future outlook. If not, you can have all the pride you want, but, there'll be a single DJ filling out stadiums instead of a 150 piece orchestra.

This is Rahul Raghavan, Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Educator. What are your thoughts?

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