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Fee structure

We request the student to choose the format of classes. The figures are per student and for one class a week. Feel free to have a chat with us to help you decide.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are applicable across the school and are adhered to strictly. Only on acceptance of these terms will the admission be processed. These help us conduct musical classes efficiently, without disruptions. They also help bring equality to all students, irrespective of their backgrounds. (Last update: 2nd March 2024)

General Terms for all students:-

  1. The fee structure applies to students learning from India only. International students should seek additional clarification. Except that, all other terms that follow apply to international students as well.

  2. The fee structure is non-negotiable and paid in advance for a quarter at once. In the case of siblings, monthly payments are optional provided both students are active students currently enrolled. 

  3. A student should be punctual to class. One cannot demand an extension by being late. 

  4. Accepted Modes of payment are UPI, Bank transfer, and Cash. Modes with surcharges have to be borne by the student.

  5. There is an annual increase in the fee every year in line with CAPEX, overheads, and inflation.

  6. We do not yet have an annual turnover that exceeds the GST threshold and hence do not have a GST number or charge GST. 

Terms specific to group classes:-​​

  1. The allotted slot is fixed for a student and cannot be changed week-on-week. However, a student can place a request for a change in the slot and it will be considered based on slot availability.

  2. Two compensation classes are allowed per student per quarter, only if they inform their absence 48 hours in advance to the class timings. Absence without prior information will not be compensated and the student is marked absent.

  3. Compensation is either in the current quarter or the subsequent quarter based on teacher and slot availability. They can be either class extensions by 50% of the duration or an online session.

  4. If a month has five weeks, there will be no class one of those weeks as decided by the teacher.

  5. A student is counselled if they fail to obtain 75% attendance in a quarter. If it happens for a second time, the admission is cancelled and the student's slot is marked open for new admissions.

  6. A student has to pay the quarterly fee on or before the 5th of the month. Failure to pay the fee upon the quarter's completion results in a pause in admission and no further classes until all dues are cleared.

  7. Students who miss 3 months of classes in a year will not be eligible to learn further. 

Terms Specific to Private Classes:-

  1. Private classes work on a class credit basis. If a class is cancelled 24 hours before the agreed time by the student, they are marked absent.

  2. Online class links expire in 15 minutes if a student does not join the class. The student is then marked absent, and the class is not compensated. 

  3. The fee for 12 class credits is paid before starting each cycle. Unless the fee is paid, the new quarter will not begin and the slot will be marked open. The student will not be considered for further education in case the pattern repeats twice.

  4. Students are allotted a slot on admission based on mutual availability. However, requests to change the slot timings follow teacher availability. 

All admissions, current and future adhere to these terms and conditions. These terms allow the school to function with discipline and fairness to all the students and teachers. In case of any disagreements/violations of the terms that fail to be resolved by mutual consent, legal jurisdiction lies in the courts of Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. 

Privacy Policy

  1. The School stores personal information such as name, date of birth, contact, email, address and other similar details either in an electronic information form or as physical entries.

  2. Such information is used for certifications, examination entries, and general communication all specific to the school.

  3. We do not reveal/share said data to any third party.

  4. We are extremely careful with data relating to our students and assure you of our continued cooperation.

  5. Privacy today, more than ever needs to be treasured. Hence, if some content needs to be taken down on our website, simply submit a form with a link to the image. With good reason, it will be gone. 

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