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As I near 4000 views on Youtube...

I know for a fact that a cat video or a baby video would cross this mark in seconds. YouTube is rampant. Views are in the millions everywhere I look. What am I doing celebrating 4000 views? In advance? I'm insane! That's what it is.

Vishal Dadlani. Yes, our very own Om Shanti Om's Music Director is part of this story. He replied to me somewhere on Instagram on the 24th of June 2018. He inspired me to begin something. He inspired me to make my music, my own. I had to share with the world, what I had made irrespective of the quality of it. This was the picture I drew for myself.

Hence, the first track, Boxed ( ), went up on Youtube. It was a really aggressive track, a lot of Electronic, Trance, and Dubstep, all bundled into a minute with an ending that was sheepishly abrupt. Definitely a new me. I am and forever will be, a rock dude. "Forevermore" as Whitesnakes put it. I uploaded the first track on the 27th of September 2018. Almost 2 years and 4000(almost there) views later, I have 23 videos in total on my channel. I can't believe I also learned to take photographs(I'm a pro dude photo man!), make album arts, and edit Videos(Pro again, lol), in this whole "Youtube pe upload karo" drama. Also to mention, in bold, my social media skills have become more prominent, and slightly annoying.

There's something interesting about the music though.

Every one of the tracks on here, every sound you hear, is all original. Either composed or designed. So many of my friends had no idea I even was a music listener. Imagine their surprise when I said, "Yeah! I make a living off Music!". Music for me is all about originality. I love music made by other artists too and I've been shaped by them. Yet, the excitement of something being your own... remains unbeaten.

When I started uploading, I knew to play only the Guitar and the Keys. In the 22 videos that followed, I've progressed from this to playing the flute, the violin, drums, djembe, a borrowed bass guitar, toys, a dinner plate, a tumbler, the keys on a Keyboard (the typing one), pen taps on the table, the rumble of a garbage truck and to hell with it, an ECG machine ( ).

I might not have done all of that, if not for the channel. I might never have moved from just two instruments to many. For, these 4000 views reflect a journey. I'm sure, at least 100 views are of my own, but still. (Shameless).

I'm humbled to have had a few avid listeners, mostly my friends and colleagues. I will continue to do this music thing I've been doing. I promise to add more instruments, more genres, more creativity, and more of all the knowledge I've thus acquired (a drop in the ocean, as my teacher Franco Vaz phrased for himself. I'm probably still water vapor though). I will make sure everything you hear is the exact quality that you find in blockbusters. No compromises. If it ain't good, it ain't going up. To reaching 4000, and many more, this is a blessed journey :)

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