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Music. Passion as a Business?

We've always had musical misunderstandings. The responsibility we have as music educators or music producers is staggering because we set the precedent for our students and followers. Since many of them, along with their instrument are discovering music for the first time, if I say "Classical Music is complicated" or "EDM is too easy to create", that is what it will become.

It is therefore very much needed for people who've got music authority, to choose their words carefully. We have to stick to the roots of music and also think about, "What works today?" I know it isn't a cakewalk. How do you approach this?

What I do in the film industry brands me as a music director, but, what I actually do for the industry is the role of a contemporary music producer. This involves a considerable array of services that includes composition, lyrics, beat making, performance, and post-production. Now, imagine if I said, "All I love is classic rock, why do anything else?". Poof! No more lyrics and beat-making. Composition and performance come to the forefront. Post-Production is an option. Would it be enough to put rice on my plate? I'm afraid not. At least, not here in India.

It is paramount that we understand today, that music as a specialization is very much difficult to attain in our country. For a Music Composer, it isn't just about the notes on a score anymore. It is also about production, collaboration, and performances. Besides, only a handful reach the top as a specialized musician. We don't have anyone talking about the common musician, do we?

I understand that for a business to thrive, there are certain factors to consider. I will. Also, if my passion for music is whole, no music discrimination, I'm much better off. Believe me, the quotes you see above were all mine. I only recently realized the value of music as a business and how we can keep our passion afloat in all this. Passion need not be constant. It needs to evolve. Else, you know what happened to the


This is Rahul Raghavan, Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Educator. What are your thoughts?

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