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Music Examinations

Music and many other Arts are subjects that act as a parallel path of entry to Universities around the world. Universities encourage their applicants to be certified in more than just their regular academics.  This is true for higher education in the fields of Science, Technology, AI, Medicine and many more. 

To provide this certification, we hold affiliations with dominant boards across the world. Two such boards popular with students are Trinity College London and Rockschool Awards, both based in the UK. There are a total of 9 grades in each instrument starting with an Initial or Debut grade up to Grade 8. 

The completion of all/any of the grades in Music will give students the advantage not only while applying for universities, but also for the jobs they'll take up in the ever-changing world. We provide the best opportunities to our students not only during their study but also after they complete it.


Contact us for more information regarding examinations in music. The following are the subjects we offer international certification for:-

Certification Subjects offered

Acoustic Guitar




Music Production

Music Theory

Electric Guitar


Rock School Awards: Recorded

Trinity College London: Digital

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