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Teach better, to a few

When you run a business, you have to watch out. Watch out for all the variables that can increase or decrease value. You have nail-biting experiences with margins, sales, leads, revenues and profits. Yes, it is stressful.

What if I don't worry about business value creation in monetary terms? That solves so many of my worries, right? Value could be placed on experiences?

Where we can be in a few years can always be more. But where we currently are, could be just enough to elevate the experience for all. We could have more centres, more teachers, more students and more money. There is no limit to achievement. But when can I stop to savour the experiences? Probably never.

It just is something else when students call or message years later out of the blue to ask how I am. Or to wish me on my birthday? Or call me to their marriage? These are experiences that should be experienced, not put on a checklist and ticked away. I have these experiences because my students are my friends, my family and in many ways, my teachers.

So we teach better but to a few. I have been told by people to make my money when I can, when young and when the stars are working in my favour. Wise words, they all mean well. But the number 50? Wonderful. I can connect with every student of mine and try to play an active role in their lives. Maybe they don't want me to, but it is my duty to try. And the music? It just gets better. We connect, they learn faster and are more consistent with practice. They feel guilty when they don't put in the effort. They worry about letting me down. These are far greater motivators that bring in results.

Downside? Maybe our impact reaches only a few. That's okay. There will be many more teachers who will approach this in the same manner:- Non-commercial and enough to savour the experience and feel wholesome. And more of us would have a better impact on society while we see equitable growth amongst colleagues. For the heck of it, we might even form a teacher's community dedicated to student success. No more about having more.

That sounds sweeter than music teachers being able to afford a Bentley. The question is, are you thinking the Bently path is cooler and more inspiring? Let me know!

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